About Us

It all started in a small town with parents who wanted the best for their baby. When Elif and Mehmet had their first child, Mima, they realized that the baby products available in the market were either of poor quality or lacked aesthetics. While they wanted the best for their baby's safety and comfort, they also needed products that were modern, stylish, and functional. This need led to the birth of the MIMA BABY brand.

Naming their brand after their beloved daughter, Mima, Elif and Mehmet set out with the goal of creating products that were not only practical but also stood out for their elegance and quality. With the motto, “Care and love for future generations,” MIMA BABY quickly made a mark in the baby and children's product market.

Product Variety and Quality

MIMA BABY aims to make life easier for babies and parents with meticulously designed strollers, high chairs, baby clothes, and accessories. The brand’s products are manufactured to meet high-quality standards and are free from harmful chemicals. Each product undergoes extensive research and development processes and rigorous quality control tests before hitting the market. This is why MIMA BABY products have become indispensable for parents, known for their durability and style.

The MIMA BABY Family

MIMA BABY places customer satisfaction at the forefront. The brand pays close attention to each customer, values feedback, and continually improves its products. The MIMA BABY family stands out not only with its products but also with its exceptional customer service.

Social Responsibility

Elif and Mehmet viewed the MIMA BABY brand as more than just a business venture. For them, giving back to the community was as important as providing high-quality products. As a result, MIMA BABY regularly contributes to various social responsibility projects, particularly those focused on children's education and health.

Future Vision

MIMA BABY aims to become a global brand by developing innovative and sustainable products. Elif and Mehmet believe that MIMA BABY will continue on its path with the same care and love in the future. With a mission to provide the best for future generations, the ever-growing MIMA BABY family will always strive to offer the best for babies and children.